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Trifa is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor with Associative Cooperatives Counseling Therapists of Canada. Trifa is confident in her abilities and dedicated to providing the very highest standards of care to those she treats. She has an excellent understanding of mental illness, addiction, and domestic violence, gained through her past work, volunteering and personal experience. She has over ten years of experience working with individuals and couples. She works as a professional counsellor in her current role, helping clients adapt to ordinary life within the community by developing their coping skills.

On a personal level, she is caring and attentive by nature with a genuine desire to help others, overcome their pains and difficulties, and get the kind of life they wish. The first step at some point is difficult for many people to open up to speak with a "total stranger", but it is vital to know that from time to time, many of us need professional help in a trusted, non-judgmental environment. Also, a specific dilemma is not the only reason to come to counselling. A stressful and busy life is worth it to have one hour for yourself to regulate intense emotions and unclutter thoughts. It is my joy and privilege to voyage each individual through their struggle and pain and see how amazingly growth each person has in the counselling process.

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Area of Expertise

Depression                                   PTSD                     
Anxiety                                      Intimacy Issue
Anger management                Divorce and separation
Shame and Guilt                      Attachment issues
             Loneliness                                  Domestic violence

                         Jealousy                     Career change                         

Mental distortion                      Decision making 
Self-Loathing                               Immigrant& homesickness 
Finding space and new meaning     

Oppression & Visible Minority                             Loss and Griff

About: About Me
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