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Therapy Services

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Therapy Services:

Individual Therapy

Individuals get professional help for various aspects, including but not limited to depression, anxiety, anger management, shame, guilt, loneliness, jealousy
self-Loathing, mental distortion, loss and grief, PTSD, intimacy Issues, divorce and separation issues, attachment issues, diversity, domestic violence, gender equality, decision making, and career change  

Trifa will support you in developing new strengths to deal with overwhelming emotions and intense circumstances

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Therapy Services:

Couple Therapy   

In couples therapy, we work together towards:

  • Finding new ways of communication such as non-violence communication and assertive languages

  • Dealing with maladaptive patterns of behaviors

  • Building fondness, admiration, trust, and authenticity

  • Working toward attachment style problem

  • Working toward positivity and attunement   

  • Balancing the I and you and we-ness 

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Therapy Services:

Career Therapy

Individuals in career therapy will get introduced to: 

  • Human typology consists of different types of characters such as realistic, investigative, artistic, societal, and conventional

  • Building confidence and self-trust to make decisions toward career and career change

  • Dealing with work stress, anxiety, issue of perfectionism, and relationship

  • Work towards a healthier life, physically and mentally

  • Providing clients with job marketing

Together we can build long and short-term goals to adapt to jobs that the person is interested in.

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